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May 9th

Turkey Tips!

Tips for Travellers in Turkey

  • Careful when you try to buy fresh milk- it may be the popular Turkish salty yoghurt drink that you are taking in that bottle from the fridge.
  • Within Istanbul use the metro where possible – the traffic is now too hectic for hire cars or “taksis”.
  • If travelling on to Greece I recommend going by sea, the Blue Star ferries have very comfortable berths and resemble cruise ships in many ways.
  • You cannot buy a SIM card for your mobile phone in Turkey unless you have Turkish ID.  In Istanbul there was a service online where you could rent a wireless dongle for US$5 per day with unlimited use.  Otherwise use free wifi VOIP services such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Facetime.
  • Find restaurants where the locals eat and order the menu of the day which is usually a three course meal inclusive of tea, water and fresh bread.  Yoghurt generally features somewhere in the meal too. Delicious and filling meals usually for about $5.
  • The further east you go, the greater the eastern and Muslim culture, the further west, the greater the European culture.




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