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May 19th

The Mall

This is a picture of the shopping mall Syros style.  The shops are in tiny back lanes and they are closed in the afternoons for siesta sleepy time.  Traffic works are quite different here with usually one or two men working (yes, here they all really do work, not supervise) and also occasionally waving traffic to take an alternative, usually single lane, back road.  We have been caught in these road work diversions a few times on the island.  Problem is that there are no diversion signs and we have just to take roads and hope for the best.  On more than one occasion we have ended up at a dead end with very little room to turn the car. Lots of breathing in (it helps, you know) and laughing and eventually we seem to manipulate our way out and sometimes after considerable time, back on the road we intended.  Most of the roads on the island are single lane.

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