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Nov 28th

Snowy Mountain Region - Australia

Hi everyone.  Long gap between blogs, During 2017, as those of you who follow me on Facebook know. I have visited the magnificent Norwegian Fjords and the French Riviera to name but a few spots.  Apologies for lack of blogs!

However, I have returned to blogging now, so back to adventureland in my blog spots.  Today we landed in Jindabyne which is a small village nestled in the Snowy Mountain region of Australia.  This is the region where you can actually ski in the Australian winter.  However November is spring, nearly summer, in the southern hemisphere, and the ski resorts are full of tourists admiring the scenery in the warm weather. The area is in New South Wales and is located south west of the Australian capital, Canberra.  The house we are swapping into is right on the edge of Lake Jindabyne with a great deck where I am sitting right now admiring the view and the bird life, including some colourful King Parrots.

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