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Aug 2nd

Returning home to Winter in Australia

I can hardly believe that we have been on the road since April 15th this year. We left Brisbane for Turkey, via Singapore and London.  We stayed in exchange homes in Bodrum and Izmir in Turkey, then in Syros in Greece, followed by Rocca de Mezzo in the Italian mountains, then finally in Nice on the French Riviera.  Wow, the time has just flown past. What a terrific European trip.  All of those beautiful homes to live in, and exciting places to visit.

As a frequent flyer, I can be quite critical of airlines.  I have flown first class with a few airlines.  The best airline that I have ever flown with is most definitely Etihad Airways.  We were fortunate enough to fly Etihad from Paris to Abu Dhabi then on to Brisbane and the flight was magnificent in every way.  So much space, such wonderful service and we even had a personal chef to attend to our every need in the food and beverage department.  I cannot recommend them more highly.  And, yes, we were flying first class, however, one of my daughters has flown economy with them and assures me that it is the top economy service she has ever experienced!

In a later blog, I will give my hints for the ways to find the best prices to travel in style and my hints as to how to gain fist class tickets at economy prices.

On my return to Australia, I realize why I have chosen to stay here as my adopted home for the last 23 years.  It is such a beautiful country. Winter is very mild in my home town of Brisbane. The skies have been blue every day since I arrived home.  I flew to Sydney this weekend to catch up with my daughter and Sydney is one of the world’s greatest cities too. www.<strong>

I feel so blessed to have such a great country to live in and also to have the hoe exchange lifestyle, which allows me to travel the world in luxury for free.

By the way, I did omit one exchange house from those listed in the first paragraph.  More about that exchange house next week, in the blog “Escape from Stalag Serino!”, which is part two of Home exchange from Hell.

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