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May 10th


A week of appointments.

Doctor for medications, sleeping tablets in case of jet-lag and antibiotics in case of infection on our travels. And of course a letter stating that these are my bona fide medications. Luckily no inoculations required for this trip.

Optometrist for annual eye check-up. I do need new reading lenses. I had suspected as much.

Skin Specialist for annual skin check because Australia is a skin cancer centre. Had three little moles frozen off.

Called travel insurance to double check I am covered for the full length of my stay for travel and medical insurance overseas.

Called Australian private medical insurer to suspend our insurance for the dates when we are travelling.

Called banks to inform them I am going overseas so that I can use my debit and credit cards overseas.

Double checked that our ESTA visasare current for USA.

Booked flights within Hawaii and to Los Angeles. Flights to Hawaii and our flight home from Los Angeles to Brisbane are already booked. That just leaves a few internal flights to book. We are deliberately leaving those just in case we purchase a vehicle in Los Angeles which we are considering doing at this stage.

Think I need a holiday after doing all of this!

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