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Jun 22nd

Pizza, Pasta and Castles in the Air

The 15th April seems a long time ago, yet the time has just flown so quickly, since we left Brisbane.  Turkey and Greece were wonderful with villas on the Aegean, and now we are in our final week here in our two bedroomed, quiet, clean apartment in the mountains in the village of Rocca di Mezzo in the Abruzzo region of Italy. We love meandering down to the village square in the early evenings, and joining in with the locals, in sitting around the square, and chatting as the sun begins to set.  Most Italians live in apartments or condos, and most take a stroll to the square in the early evenings.  The children and infants join in, running around with their friends or the older children on bicycles or playing football.

This week, we sampled a few more local restaurants, and thoroughly enjoyed the Italian food.  We were told by locals, that generally, but not always, people have pasta for lunch, and pizza or meat for dinner.  We have been mixing them all up.  The portion sizes here are huge, with people invariably ordering an entire pizza to eat.  At home, a few slices suffice.  The flavours and mixtures are delicious. The best pasta we found is in the Campacavalla restaurant.  Bookings are preferred on 338.3232941.  We also tried the local speciality dish of Arrosticini which is lamb skewers accompanied by the red wine of the regions Montepulciano D’abruzzo in the tiny restaurant of Ristorante Antichi Sapori  0862.917360 here, which only opens on weekends, at this time of year.  These restaurants become extremely busy after 9pm.  They do not open until 8pm.  We wonder where all the local people come from, in this tiny village.  Many have to be turned away because they have not booked.

We visited a well restored castle in the nearby town of Celano.  It had an amazing museum inside with lots of restored wooden figures, sculptures, carvings and artefacts from pre Roman and middle age times.

The most exciting part of our week was catching up with Michael’s son, Wes, and his wife, in Naples.  They had been on a short break in Positano and the Isle of Capri, and we caught up for dinner, before they flew to their home in Los Angeles.