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Dec 20th

Merry Christmas in Brisbane

I thoroughly enjoy the run-up to Christmas in Brisbane.  It is almost oppressively hot at this time of year, but there are lots of events to take our minds off the heat. While there are many events happening in the suburbs, the city is also full of joy. There are numerous Christmassy events in Queen St Mall, every day. They culminate each evening at 6.30pm, in the Christmas parade.  This year’s parade features the song the 12 Days of Christmas, it begins with a child dressed as a partridge in a pear tree, and continues with all of the verses, depicted by people colourfully dressed.  After the song, there are the nativity scene characters featuring three real camels being ridden by wise kings, shepherds herding live sheep, and of course, Mary is riding a donkey, being led by Joseph. Then there are the Christmas choirs, singing and entertaining us.  Santa Claus, of course, makes an appearance with his reindeer, and is followed by a train full of joyful elves. This parade happens every evening from 11 – 23 December.

After the parade each night, there is an open air pantomime in King George Square, followed by the City Hall being lit with scenes from the Nutcracker.  Those light shows are every 15 minutes until midnight bringing lots of cheer to many. A short walk across the river bridge to Southbank and we can languish in the city beach pool trying to cool down, while we watch outdoor movies on the big screen. All these, and many more, free family activities abound!

Well done, yet again, Brisbane City Council

for making so many people happy, at this time of year.