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May 2nd

Macleay Island

We are currently spending time in our beloved beach house is located on Macleay Island which is an island located in Moreton Bay, east of Brisbane in South East Queensland.

Macleay has an interesting history. For some time in the 1800s the island was called Tim Shea's Island after a convict who lived on the island for more than a decade.The current name was given by Surveyor Warner who named the island after Alexander Macleay who was the Colonial Secretary of New South Wales from 1825 to 1837.

Macleay Island has sandy beaches and mangrove foreshores.

These are spots for fishing, swimming, sailing, picnicking and barbecues. A launch spot is the Dalpura Ramp, next to our house which is located towards the north of the island. The island has a modern skate park for the youngsters. Other recreational facilities include boat, bowling and golfing clubs. The Heritage Trail is marked by signage for users.

Macleay is also home to a growing community of artists, some quite well known, and the Arts Centre is well used by painters, potters, sculptors, plus other crafts. Bird life abounds here and there are many kookaburras whose dawn laughter often awakens us and long legged curlews who sound like babies crying in the night. 

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