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May 5th

Lingering impressions of Turkey

As today is our last full day in Turkey, here are my lingering impressions.  Very friendly people; great tasty traditional roadside food; strong thick Turkish coffee; refreshing Turkish tea with lemon; rice pudding desserts; fresh breads with no preservatives; Turkish delights and sweetbreads; soft, fresh natural yoghurts that in legend make you sleep like an angel; toothpicks and sweet smelling hand-wipes; clearing the table pronto, sometimes before you have quite finished; mad traffic, especially in Istanbul; beep-beep when the lights change; no stopping for pedestrian crossings; give way to traffic coming on to roundabouts; warm helpful smiling people; delicious olives and kebabs; cute coffee cups and tea glasses; amazing ancient ruins especially Ephesus; lots of dogs; an abundance of feral cats being fed and respected everywhere; men drinking coffee with worry beads in their hands; frequent calls to prayer by loudspeaker from the ubiquitous mosques awakening us daily a little after 5am; men playing backgammon in cafes; bitter-sweet memories of ANZACs and attending the hundred year ceremony.

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