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May 28th

Lingering impressions of Greek Islands

As our time in Greece draws to a close, here are my lingering impressions of Greek Islands.

  • Each island is so different and special e.g. Tinos the religious island; Mykanos the young people's party island; Syros the beautiful island.
  • Drinking thick Greek coffee watching men playing backgammon and chess in cafes
  • Tiny, single lane and windy, mountainous roads sometimes making me breathe in just in case we went over the cliff
  • Beautiful dry stone walls traditionally made with no cement (I am told many talented Armenians are imported to buid these nowdays as the locals have lost the talent)
  • Alphabet and street signage that is difficult to read - although having studied maths helped me considerably with my knowledge of the symbols for pi, delta, theta etc.
  • Marvellous meals of grilled squid and octopus; local greek salads, cheeses, olives, wines and Fix beer
  • Everyone being incredibly laid back all of the time
  • Wifi codes in cafes always being in numbers because of the confusion of the Greek alphabet e.g. B=V; n=h etc.
  • Paper tablecloths for individual customers covering the tables in restaurants
  • Restaurants giving free liqueurs or desserts after meals
  • Men walking with worry-beads in their hands
  • Roadworks with no signs, just suddenly seeing people digging inside large holes
  • No alternative route signage so exploring single track windy roads is full of surprises - although we always made it in the end
  • An abundance of shades of crystal clear blue waters and sunsets to die for
  • Tiny churches on hilltops
  • White buildings with blue doors and shutters everywhere
  • Late afternoons in the garden overlooking the Agean sipping wine and eating local cheese and olives
  • Friendly helpful people
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