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Aug 31st


A two and a half hour flight from Edinburgh took us to the amazing islands of Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Despite its name, the weather here during our visit was bright, warm and sunny.  Similar in some ways to the Orkney islands in that it could be windy, there was a lot fishing and there were hardly any trees.

Iceland is mostly volcanic and some of the lava filled areas make you feel like you are walking on the moon.

Icelandic people generally speak excellent English and are very friendly.  Their place names tend to have an enormous amount of letters in them and are very difficult to pronounce.

There are many hot springs throughout Iceland and we visited two, one being the oldest swimming pool in Iceland and the other being the Blue Lagoon which is really created for tourists rather than being authentic. We much preferred the more natural one where we could see the water being fed in through the hot springs and local geysers. The original “geyser” was in Iceland and all others have been named after that one.  The original is currently dormant but is surrounded by very active ones.

The scenery in Iceland is breathtaking and well worth a visit.  There are many tourist there at this time of year not only frpm Europe but also from USA as it is only a 5 hour flight from Boston.

Iceland is a very expensive place to eat and drink, yet the food was all worth trying.  After all, where else in the world could we eat rotting shark, minke whale, puffin birds and meat soup?

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