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Jul 6th

Horse Creek, The Klamath, Border of Northern California

Left Los Angeles and drove north to Sacramento where we found a great clean motel for the night. They gave us Military discount and a free breakfast which was unexpected. We continued driving north to Horse Creek on the Klamath river to Michelle and Dennis' 120 acre property. We house swapped with their home in Calistoga last year and they spent time with us in Brisbane, Noosa and our island home. We became friends with them. This is something that has happened to us many times on our home exchange adventures, we have met people we have become very good friends with and continued the friendship by inviting those people to our homes andthey invite us to share their homes,not only the home they swap, but their other homes should they have any others.

We had fun, Michael shooting the ground squirrel pests, and all of us exploring the mountains on quad bikes, spending a hot day cooling down blissfully in a river bed swimming and picnicking, watching the hail in a storm on an otherwise hundred degree plus day. We really enjoyed revisiting the friendship and laughing a lot, playing cards and eating and drinking very well.

Photo: Like kids on quad bikes.

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