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Aug 6th

Home exchange from Hell - Not

I am in the third home exchange of this trip to Scotland and every home has been a delight to live in.  Very comfortable and fairly luxurious.  I am in Orkney at the moment.  The Orkney islands are located north of the northern most point of Scotland.  We visited John O Groats yesterday on our way here.

This house has lovely views of the North Sea.  The pic is of the kitchen to give you an idea of the standard of home we have been living in - for free. Yes, for free.  And our hosts have been leaving us yummy foods and wine to get us through our first day or two in each home.  

I wrote a blog last year on the Home Exchange from Hell we experienced in Italy and I am often asked about that house. I just wanted to emphasise how lovely the vast majority of homes are that we exchange with. 

I predict that home exchanging will become more and more popular as people realise what an amazing way it is travel around the world in luxury for free.  And....we make lots of new friends along the way as well as finding more interesting place out of the normal tourist routes.

Off now to visit ancient standing stones, more later.  Cheers Ainslie 


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