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Sep 2nd

Home Exchanges

As I sit in the very comfortable business lounge in Doha, en route for my Brisbane home, I am reminiscing about the last couple of months when, once again we have enjoyed back to back house swaps.  We had 6 back to back home exchanges this trip, two in Edinburgh, one in Orkney, one in St Andrews, one in Iceland and one in Stirling.  We wanted the focus of this trip to be Scotland, and enjoyed the benefit of not only the wonderful sightseeing, but also catching up with friends and family. As often happens, I have been asked numerous questions about home exchanging.

The huge bonus is that we lived in lovely, comfortable homes for free.  Our hosts left details of the off the beaten track places to visit (especially helpful in Iceland) which enabled us to visit special places that often only local people can visit. Was terrific.  We were in very comfortable accommodations, often with donated wine and snacks, and always the full use of their commodities such as washing detergent, condiments, herbs, cooking oils etc.  Of course we leave all of this for our visitors too, why wouldn't we?   Our rule is if we leave it in the house, please feel free to use it.  If you finish the last of anything, please replace it, but only if you finish the last (eg cling film). An oft asked question is, do we pay for linen or electricity and gas.  The answer is NO.  Everything is free and we negotiate with many people to do a car swap too, which makes the travel extra easy.

Many people ask me about about how we do home exchanges.  I have written the practical guide which you can find as a very inexpensive ebook on Amazon (with a free kindle downlowd if you need one to read it).  You can also ask me any further questions here if you have any burning questions. I really dont know why more people don't travel this way.  Such luxury.  Why pay for a small hotel suite when you can luxuriate in an entire house with extras such as swimming pools, views to die for, and hot tubs, for free?

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