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Jan 2nd

Happy New Year from Macleay Island, Queensland, Australia!

As we frequently do, we have opted to spend New Year, and the weeks around it, on the Macleay Island Beach House.

We are so lucky that we step straight from the garden onto Dalpura beach, the best beach on the island.  The Ocean (Pacific) is wonderfully warm at this time of year and a daily swim is a must. 

Mike loves to go fishing and crabbing in the local waters.  We have already caught many succulent muddies (mudcrabs) and sandies (sandcrabs) this year.  In Queensland, unlike in other Australian states, we can only take male crabs and the Jennies have to be thrown back. 

Frequent visitors to our deck are many birds, my favourites being the local kookaburras which are large birds and are only found in Australia.  Their call is a loud laughing call and when many call together it seems that the world is laughing at us!

They often begin their laughing before dawn and continue at various times throughout the day.  They eat reptiles and snakes and any meats, and even if they are eating a piece of bacon rind, they will go through the motions of trying to kill it first by banging it multiple times with its strong beak.  Our local birds are very friendly and we can hand feed them.