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Feb 29th

Good Ol' USA

Well, here I am in USA once again.  I don’t spend quite as much time here these days as I used to, but I still love it here. 

I always know I am here in the States when I hit the coffee shops and receive refill after refill of coffee.  I adore the old and quirky diners.  They have so much more character than the more modern shops.

The home exchange house here in Los Angeles is near Pasadena.  It is in the area of LaCrescenta and the house is high on a hill near the edge of the mountains which surround Los Angeles. Montrose is our neighboring village which is full of older type shops including a very old bowling alley which is often used in films to depict that 50s Happy Days type style.


Click for popup of 83-original-bowling-alley.jpg