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Jul 23rd

Fly to scenic Oregon

We drove to LA to return the car then took a quick flight to Bend in Oregon to our next home exchange.

Here I am enjoying a morning coffee on the banks of the serene Elk Lake.

We are off for a day trip out today following the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. 

This house in Bend is owned by a couple who are avid cyclists and electronic people. It is an old house beautifully done up. Lots of automatic electronic things here like lights and other gadgets. There are three levels. On our first night I went to the toilet on level 3. The hall light had come on auto so I just went with that. As I sat there the auto light from the hallway went off. I was in the dark and fumbling for a light switch. I eventually found one (I was still enthroned) and pressed it and a radio started blaring, so I pressed another and an AUX light came on but the radio went off, I pressed another and a DVD light came on. I started to worry as Michael was on level 1 watching a video or TV and I thought maybe I had put an end to his viewing! I also was mid toilet so I did not want him coming to see me!!!! Haha. I gave up, and finished in the dark. That had seemingly not interrupted his viewing (although other things have since). Next day I looked for the elusive light switch as I reckoned there had to be one somewhere but could not find it. Eventually Michael found it for me.

And so our adventures continue. We had a great day out at the local county fair and rodeo. Lots of great American fun. Those men and women at the rodeo are so brave and talented.

Bend is a lovely family town with lots of family activities. We have experienced a concert in the park opposite our house and to the regular monthly art evening when all the downtown shops open and sell their wares and offer free wine and nibbles as everyone browses and an enchanting atmosphere.




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