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Jun 16th

Fly to Oahu

Only a short flight back to Honolulu. Less than an hour. Drove to Waikiki and met relatives for a beachfront lunch in the busy part of the island. We have been to this area before and visited the Pearl Harbour memorials, Hanauma Bay, and undertook lots of water activities.

We drove to our beachfront exchange cottage on the North Shore. Same as our Australian island house, this is definitely beachfront with direct access at the bottom of our garden. Enjoying delicious meals in the garden watching the sunsets. This house has everything we could wish for in terms of both location and inventory. Lots of games, smart TV, WiFi, and a kitchen which is a joy to cook in. The beaches on this side of the island are best known for surfing although the waves are quite calm at this time of year.

We are spending our days meandering through the little roads on this side of the island, watching fisherman catching large fish, finding hidden geocaches and eating the famous Hawaiian shaved ice.

We have developed a taste for poke ahi which is raw tuna, we also love the raw marlin.

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