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Jun 9th

Fly to Hawai'i

Flew from Brisbane to Sydney then on to Honolulu. Nine and a half hours from Sydney to Honolulu but slept for most of it. At Honolulu changed to Hawaiian Airlines and flew to Hilo on the Big Island. Picked up our car hire and found our little cabin home exchange nestled on the rim of the
Volcano National Park.

Our temporary exchange home is cosy and clean and has the most delightful king size, comfortable bed. We have spent a week here visiting the sights in the Hilo and Kona areas. Walking across the lava flows was spectacular and watching Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world, which is only a couple of miles from us, bubbling with molten lava at night was a sight to behold. This island is home to Mauna Kea which is 13,796 feet high and the Hilo area receives around 200 inches of rainfall each year. We enjoyed shopping in the local markets and avoiding the local endangered wild geese (Nene). There is lots on offer here in the form of dolphin, whale, turtle watching and snorkelling, diving and zip lining activities. We opted for enjoying the Kona coffee, relaxing and walking some of the lava trails and looking at the famous lava trees.

We took this photo of the volcano at night, the heat of the lava causes the

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