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Jul 4th


Made a side trip alone to Vancouver, Washington state. Met up with threegirlfriends. Here are two of my great friends, Maggie and Susie. Had three days of girlie celebrations including great company,sumptuous wine and delicious food. Of course we had FIREWORKS inabundance. It's legal in Washington to have backyard fireworks and wehad many. Just there, in my friend's backyard. Tip here, I was flying AlaskaAirlines and I had booked a cheap airfare however regardless of that, Iwas offered to upgrade to first class for $50. Of course I took it! Suitcasesare normally $25 each bag and you have two fee checked in bags as wellas cabin bags. On top of that there is all the usual first class treatmentincluding as many drinks as I wanted on board and a tasty meal. If you flyAlaska, look out for these amazing deals and snap them up!

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