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May 26th

Bye Bye Island Home

Two weeks to go until D Day!

Ensured that all household bills are paid up to date and that I will be sent all expected bills electronically while I am away. Many bills are paid by direct debit but some still arrive by snail mail so had to make calls to make special arrangements to have someone email me when those bills are due. Really, some utility companies need to start living in the 21st

Going over to our island home this weekend for a long weekend to ensure that all is in perfect working order for guests who will be arriving during the 4 months when we will be overseas.

I say that, but the main reasons is to relax and enjoy the island ambience. I will miss the island when I am away for four months. Peaceful days, long walks, birds singing and breathing in the clean ocean air. Wonder if I will see any pods of dolphins this weekend?

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