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Apr 30th

Bodrum exchange house

We have had a hectic couple of weeks since arriving in Europe, first flying to Bodrum and visiting the castle there, then driving to our second home exchange in Izmir and visiting the amazing ruins of Ephesus.  Followed by driving to Cannankale to cross the Dardanelles to Gallipoli and attending the dawn service at Anzac Cove as well as the service at Lone Pine. Driving back to Izmir, looking at the ancient city of Troy on the way, then catching a flight to Istanbul and crossing the Bospherus bridge where Asia is on one side and Europa on the other.  A true East meets West. Apart from shopping in the Grand Bazaar we took in many other sights including the Blue Mosque where I had to take my shoes off and wear headwear as it is a sacred place of prayer, and the ancient former temple and mosque, now a museum dating back to the third century AD and every conqueror seemed to add new parts adding to its magnificence, the Aya Sofia. Yesterday we flew back to Izmir and drove to Bodrum.  We are now ensconced in our "home" for the time being, the Bodrum house.  Our hosts are happy for us to stay here as long as we wish as it is their second home and like us, they are happy for home exchange visitors to stay as long as they wish.  We intended to travel more this week but are exhausted from all of our travels so far and have decided to stay put here in the luxury of this house (the one in the pic) for a few days.  Today we did nothing more than wander down to the local hot bread bakery and have a coffee and freshly baked treats.  Then home to watch our washing dry in the sun as we take in our magnificent view of the Agean while sipping wine and eating fresh olives.  I think they call this bliss........

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