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Sep 12th

Back on beautiful Macleay Island

It is just wonderful to be home in Australia, and paticularly to finally have made it over to our island home on Macleay Island.  

The photo is from our bedroom window this beautiful September Sunday morning at 6am.  It is just stunning.  

As we sat on our deck late yesterday afternoon, overlooking Moreton Bay in the Pacific Ocean, we mulled over, yet again, how beautiful it is here.  

Sometimes, we wonder why we travel the world so frequently.  Yet, as long as we are fit and healthy, we will no doubt continue to do so.  Especially as we have so many great opportunities by using home exchanges. It has opened up the whole world to us. 

It is very difficult not to relax, and be very happy, here in this amazing setting. 

The bird life here abounds, and as I write this, there are rainbow lorikeets chattering in our palm trees, sulpher crested cockatoos screeching in our pine tree, kookaburras laughing in our eucalyptus gum trees and magpies gurgling on our balcony.  Overhead a sea eagle is in quiet flight and there are numerous birds on the bay.  The native, long legged curlews are on our lawn, quiet now, after having a session where they sounded like babies crying.  The various birds, and their calls, never cease to amaze me. 

Cyclists on our bike paths wear helmets, with spikes sticking out to deter the diving of local plovers and magpies, who attack cyclists at this time of year.  The birds are super protective of the young in their nests.  

We are lucky to have such a great climate here in Queensland.  It is quite warm and sunny all year round.  Today it is 24C and sunny, typical spring weather.

If you ever have the oportunity, please do come and see this part of the world.

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