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Aug 23rd


For most of us, up until this point, we have been very time poor.  Busy, busy, busy, working and trying to fit everything else in, including our travel plans.  The great thing now, is that no longer does travel have to be rushed.  Would you believe that you can take a six month vacation for less that you used to spend on a two week vacation?  Well, I am living proof of this fact!

  1.  Time to plan well ahead.  The world is you oyster.  Make the time to decide which countries you wish to visit, and spend time online researching which places you would really like to visit, not just the places sold to you by travel agents.
  2. Time to email many potential home exchangers, in those countries.  As many are frequent travellers, some home exchangers give house swap enquiries low priority, and may take some time to reply to your enquiries.  They also may appreciate planning up to two or more years ahead. Sometimes your enquiry will be the trigger for them to give consideration to visiting your part of the world.  They already have plans for this year, but will definitely consider future years.
  3. Time to explore which will be the most economical way to travel.  Where do we fly to?  Are there alternative nearby towns we can fly to?  How about train, car or coach travel? Weigh up all of the alternatives.
  4. Time to research which airlines fly to your destination.  What routes do they take?  Which routes are the most economical? Sometimes direct routes, which are quicker for business people cost premium rates, whereas, time may buy you the opportunity to take a cheaper, longer route with more stops.
  5. Time to ascertain which days and months are the least expensive to travel.  There is no need for you to travel during high season, which is usually when airlines are jammed with holiday makers.  You also do not have to return home on a Friday afternoon deadline.  By being able to avoid peak travel times, you are able to take advantage of cheaper bargain flights on offer.
  6. Time to sign up for, and receive regular emails from, travel sites about special deals.  I am signed up for many of these sites, receiving on average, one email a day, from such sites.  It is amazing how often we have been able to access a cheap flight from such deals.  Sometimes, it is two for one travel, sometimes, free first class upgrades, sometimes, cash back.  I would highly recommend being signed up for these.
  7. Time to sign up to various airlines frequent flyer programs, and air miles clubs.  Receiving their regular emails also gives you receipt of regular special offers.  Again, I highly recommend being signed up to these, as we have bought air miles from some airlines when they have special offers on, and purchased resultant first class flights, at less than full economy prices. 

Hopefully, you are now convinced that having time in retirement to plan travel, is a very valuable commodity.  It can save you $$$$$$$.

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