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May 1st

2014 Itinerary finalized

Our planned itinerary:
June 9 - 23 Hawaii – one week on Big Island and one week on Oahu.
June 23 - July 7 Los Angeles.
July 7 - July 12 catch up with friends.
July 12 - July 25 Bass Lake, Yosemite, California.
July 25 - August 23 Bend, Oregon.
August 23 - September 14 Neskowin Beach, Oregon.
Sept 14 - Sept 30 Oceanside California.

Yippee, itinerary finalized and all back to back home exchanges confirmed for upcoming trip to USA.

We sent many, many emails on our favorite home exchange website to owners of second homes in our preferred destinations. Received replies, which we sifted through. We contacted people by email and on Skype. Had to decline some excellent looking homes but hopefully we can keep them for future visits.

Took some doing, and we changed our minds a few times about locations and dates but finally locked everything in and we are ready to fly from Brisbane to Hawaii on June 9.

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