Honest advice and creative suggestions for the home exchange lifestyle.

My Place for Yours

Home Exchangers Connecting with Other Home Exchangers for Advice

Home Exchanging, swapping your house or apartment for someone else’s in your dream location, is now mainstream with the new Sharing Economy and a global Home Exchange community is growing fast.

A Home Exchange is an awesome way to live like a local while saving money and when a Home Exchange goes right, it’s travel bliss as veteran Home Exchangers, like travel author Ainslie Waldron, attest.

Ainslie Waldron and her team created My Place for Yours as a Home Exchange Community resource for exchangers to connect, review both properties and exchange sites, as well as to share advice for great exchanges.


ainslie's book

Luxury Globetrotting on a Staycation Budget by Ainslie Waldron

Luxury Globetrotting
on a Staycation Budget

An Insider's Guide to the home exchange experience where home swappers skip hotel bills and enjoy the comforts of living like a local by travel author Ainslie Waldron.

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